Kolkata FataFat (FF) Results {100% Leak} Today ~Live~ 2021

Kolkata Fatafat game is one of the most popular games in kolkata. People calls this game in short form as kolkata ff.

Kolkata Fatafat (FF) Today’s Live Results 2021

28 January 2021 Today Results


13 December 2020 Results


This kolkata ff game is widely played in kolkata city. As known from most internet sources that kolkata fatafat game has been playing since many years in the different regions of kolkata.

As we know kolkata is one of the biggest and densely populated cities of INDIA. Number of Population is another major factor for increasing poverty in this largest city.

People loves to spend their time playing on various games and entertainment activities. Thus Comes kolkata ff game for indian people.

Kolkata Fatafat game has it’s own name and fame in it’s own kolkata city. People seems to be playing this fatafat game every single day in their regular life.

As a result, this kolkata ff game has immense number of popularity in this region.

Kolkata FF Results Today 2021:


What is Kolkata FF?

As you asked this question so here is the answer. Kolkata FF is a kind of lottery game which has been played in kolkata city as this game is been named after kolkata state.

The full Form of kolkata FF is as follows:- ( Kolkata Fatafat) People who does not know where is kolkata, basically kolkata is one of the top most biggest states of INDIA.

How to play Kolkata FF?

Every people who ever came accross to this question most of the users know how to play kolkata ff game? But, for those who are new here or are now aware of that then here is a brief guide for you to know how to play kolkata ff game online in 2020.

To know more about this game we have a detailed step by step guide on how to play this game:-

Step by Step Guide to Play KOLKATA FF Game Online.

What is the Prize Value of Kolkata FF Result?

This game has it’s own rules and regulation so it sets it’s own numbers of prizes and rewards on their sites. As far as we know, basically kolkata ff has different types of prize values.

To get an idea here we have collected some information for you:

First Prize:
Second Prize:
Third Prize:

What are the times of Kolkata Fatafat (FF) Game?

Well, kolkata ff game has separate 8 playing times. In these gaming times anyone can play fatafat game at their own place. Here are the timings mentioned below:

Kolkata Fatafat Results Time

1st Bazi ⏱ 10:03 AM
2nd Bazi ⏱ 11:33 AM
3rd Bazi ⏱ 01:03 PM
4th Bazi ⏱ 02:33 PM
5th Bazi ⏱ 04:03 PM
6th Bazi ⏱ 05:33 PM
7th Bazi ⏱ 07:03 PM
8th Bazi ⏱ 08:33 PM


What is kolkata ff tips?

Players hardly try to win the game by any means. So they want some tips to make the winning process more easier.

Winning any kind of games take times. So, if there is any tips or shortcut method is available then it makes the process way easier.

Who can give you the fatafat tips?

You can get the kolkata fatafat tips from various sources of internet. Or you can seek help from any expert players who won the gatafat game. You can also see some of the kolkata fatafat tips we shared in our site here:

Do Fatafat Tips works?

It actually depends on many factors, like is the tips you are following correct or wrong. If the tips and hacks are proven to work then you can rely on the tips. Same comes here when we talk about kolkata fatafat tips.

Kolkata FF Prediction 2020

What is kolkata ff Prediction?

Basically kolkata ff prediction is a kind of guessing process to generate an idea to guess the winning number in advance.

In terms of prediction, one who make an estimate of a thing or any subject then it is called prediction. Predicted results may not be 100% Correct.

So it is better not to completely depend on any prediction based results.

Who needs kolkata ff prediction?

Someone who is about to play the game kolkata fatafat (FF) might need the prediction. To get the prediction chart you can see this article here :-

Why FF prediction is important?

While playing kolkata ff, players have to think a lot to win the game. They try their best to win kolkata fatafat , that’s why they prepare themselves and they desperately in need of kolkata ff prediction chart.

When is the time to predict kolkata FF?

The best and absolute time to predict the kolkata ff game, is while you are about to start the game. When you are in mood of starting kolkata ff game in that time you can start thinking and make sure to guess the correct number to win the fatafat game.

Kolkata Fatafat (ff) Lucky Numbers in 2020

Kolkata FF Lucky Number : Are you searching online for the kolkata fatafat lucky number?

Yes here we are going to share some of the most and top rated lucky numbers which were seems to had high success rate winning the kolkata fatafat game in the past.

For those who does not know that is lucky number , basically it is a kind of pre-determined numbers which seems to have strong capacity in terms of winning the fatafat games.

It means, lucky numbers are the past records which were proven to win the fatafat game. So, while playing kolkata ff game people search for kolkata fatafat lucky number.

We have some of these lucky numbers collection for you:

Remember, it is not the final winning number, nor we are giving 100 % accuracy on these lucky numbers.

But what we can help you just providing the past old lucky numbers which were the successful lucky numbers in the past.

Bombay Fatafat Results 2020

Bombay Fatafat game is basically based on Mumbai city. It is as same as kolkata ff game. Mumbai fatafat has lots of users based on their interest. They play this game from various corners of mumbai city, as this game had been named after on this city. We have a dedicated article on this , have a look : Bombay FF Results 2021

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