Where does the Kolkata FF game take place in?

By | August 13, 2020

In this question and answer series today we are going to cover on the most asked question : Where does kolkata FF game take place in?

As you are aware about this game that kolkata fatafat is an Indian based game. And as it’s name describe it self that this game is named after of kolkata state. We discussed this about previously in our site.

Basically, kolkata fatafat game take place in various places of Kolkata city. There is no specific place to mention. As far as known, kolkata ff game is being played on different small shops, villages, or on some tea stalls.

As this game has no boundary so people can play kolkata ff any time any where from the world. Now this game has been spread over different states of countries as it moves from offline to online platform.

We got to know that, kolkata fatafat is being searched tremendously over search engines like google. People search the kolkata fatafat charts over online on different facebook pages and groups too.

As this fatafat game has spread over the country, people moved to play fatafat game online and that’s why lots of websites and blogs has been created to share the kolkata fatafat (FF) results and it’s records chart.

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