Disclaimer on Kolkata FF Games : Must Read

By | September 22, 2020

Playing any kind of games whether it could be over online or offline, every games has it’s rules and regulation. On the other hand playing online games like kolkata fatafat also known as kolkata ff has some restriction.

As kolkata ff game is a kind of indian and kolkata based game so players should be aware about the country rules and regulation.

Kolkata Fatafat game considered as a kind of gambling. So one should be very much aware of playing this game.

You could loose or win it does no matter, but what matters is that you are violating the rules and you are acting against ethics. Gambling is not supported publicly. It can lead people’s life in danger.

People loose their house even their wife , when they are much addicted in any form of gambling act.

We, Kolkatafatafat.xyz does not support you to play this game. We hate this, and who plays this. This site is purely based on information resources only.

We are not responsible of any kind of damages or profit. We do not have any relation with this kolkata ff game nor it’s company.

We warn you not to play any kind of gambling game. Earn money legitimately by your hard work.

So be careful while playing kolkata ff, and do not let your life fall in danger.

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